Low Carbon Homes

I believe we should be doing everything we can to prevent global warming, which is why it is crucial that new homes are built in an environmentally-friendly way to reduce carbon emissions. I am glad that the Government will introduce a legally binding net zero target to end the UK’s contribution to global warming entirely by 2050. 

I am pleased that the Government will introduce a Future Homes Standard by 2025 for new build homes with low-carbon heating, world-leading energy efficiency levels and the latest green technology. This will help create healthy and environmentally friendly homes fit for the future, resulting in lower energy bills. Building on the Clean Growth Grand Challenge, the new green standard will reduce CO2 emissions in new homes by up to 80 per cent from 2025. People’s views were sought on the details of the new standard and I am confident that the need to increase housing supply will also be taken into account. 

You may also be interested to know that the energy efficiency of homes in England and Wales has improved significantly since 2008, with nearly 50 per cent of dwellings lodged Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) rated at bands A-C in 2019, and EPCs rated at bands E-G falling to a historic low of 16 per cent. New properties in the private rented sector are also required to have a minimum energy performance at band E, ensuring that landlords take the necessary steps to make homes better and greener.