George welcomes achievement of 400 hours coal free energy

George Eustice, MP for Camborne, Redruth and Hayle has welcomed recent news that the UK has gone over two full weeks without burning coal for the first time since the Industrial Revolution. 

Today that record has once more been broken as Britain has reached a total of 400 continuous hours without coal, and still going. Not only is this recognition of the hard work being done to tackle emissions, but its also evident of the work that the Government is undertaking to tackle climate change. 

Whilst this is a great achievement, there is still more work to be done. That is why the Government will continue to:

? Work hard to win the bid to host the key climate summit COP26 in the UK next year
? Legislate for Net Zero
✂ Continue to cut carbon emissions
☀ Expand investment in renewables

George commented, "Going coal free for over 400 continuous hours and still counting is a fantastic achievement. We've all seen the rise of extreme weather events that have at times had a devastating impact on communities not just in Cornwall but also across the country, and we have to work hard to ensure that we have a world to pass onto our children and grandchildren. 

Clearly there is much more still to be done and that is why the Government will continue to work hard to tackle climate change and reduce emissions to reduce our human impact on the world."

You can read more information about the work being done to reduce emissions and tackle climate change in a recent article that George wrote:…/recognising-importance-…