George welcomes positive news on the economy

George Eustice, MP for Camborne, Redruth and Hayle has today welcomed the positive news that Britain now has the lowest proportion of low paid workers since 1980. 

There was also further good news in the latest OECD reports stating that the UK economy grew more than Japan, France and Germany in the first three months of 2019. This means that in the first quarter of 2019, Britain's economy grew more than Japan and Germany put together, and since 2010 the UK economy has grown by over 18%.

George commented, "In 2010 when Gordon Brown left office, our national debt was spiralling out of control, there was a recession, unemployment was rising, and youth unemployment was a persistent problem. 

As a government we had to take some tough decisions in order to restore fiscal responsibility and get our country’s finances back on track. Everyone has made sacrifices and played their part and now, because of the hard work that we have put in in, we’ve begun to turn our country around and get the economy moving again. 

Now our economy is growing, youth unemployment is down, we have the highest unemployment since WW2, the highest minimum wage ever and the lowest proportion of low-paid workers for over 40 years. This is great news for our economy and country."