Gwinear Primary School wins award for best breakfast club in South West

Breakfast Club's up and down the country, perform a vital role in supporting families, providing children with a good start to the day and encouraging social interaction between pupils.

This year as part of Kellogg's 20th Anniversary Breakfast Club Awards, a reception was held in Parliament to celebrate the great work that breakfast clubs do. The awards were categorised by region, and Gwinear Primary School won the overall award for the South West. George met pupils and and staff from the school to congratulate them on the great work that they were doing.

"Congratulations to everyone from the Gwinear Primary School on winning the Award for the Best Breakfast Club in the South West region. It’s fantastic to hear how the club, with the support of its dedicated teachers and staff, has provided a range of activities that help children start the day focused and ready to learn. Breakfast clubs are an excellent way to make sure pupils have access to a balanced and filling meal before school. This award is a great achievement and both pupils and staff should be proud of the work that they are doing in supporting each other. I wish the school every continued success in the future with its Breakfast Club."