Renewable UK Conference 2011

George was invited to speak at a press conference for this year's ReneableUK Wave and Tidal Conference. He also took the opportunity to sign a letter calling on the Government to ensure Britain maintains its position as a world leader in this sector...

St Piran's Day Celebrations

George joined his Cornish parliamentary colleagues to raise the flag of St Piran on the DCLG building early this morning before a series of events in Parliament ahead of St Piran's Day. 

Politics Show

George appeared on the Politics Show on Sunday reinforcing the principle of the 'Big Society' and describing his vision of how it could work to great effect...

Newsnight Debate

George Eustice MP appeared on Newsnight last night in a special programme dedicated to the forthcoming referendum on our electoral system. The audience voted George the most convincing panellist, with over 50% of the votes.

Wave Power - Westminster Hall Debate

George was pleased to be able to secure a debate in Westminster Hall under the title 'Funding for technology innovation in wave power'...

Saving Nettle Beer

George Eustice MP has taken up the plight of 'Cornish Stingers', a traditional nettle beer, brewed in Cornwall. EU law dictates that it is in fact not a beer, and therefore should be taxed at a much higher rate...

Mining returns to Cornwall

George appears in the papers and on BBC Radio 2 to discuss the exciting new prospects for South Crofty Mine, near Redruth.  

DEFRA Select Committee

George Eustice MP had the chance to question Farming Minister, Jim Paice MP about animal welfare issues in relation to world trade agreements when the Minister appeared before the DEFRA select committee on Tuesday.