A Mayor for Cornwall?

Dear Resident,

Cornwall is unique. The Kilbrandon report in the early 1970s acknowledged the distinctiveness of Cornwall and suggested that it should be regarded as a "Duchy" rather than a normal county of England. 

Recently, the Government announced a new, devolution deal for Cornwall. It could give Cornwall additional decision-making powers in key policy areas alongside measures to recognise Cornwall's unique culture and distinctiveness.

Linked to the agreement is a more controversial decision about whether Cornwall should have a directly elected mayor. I can see both sides of the argument and have an open mind, but I want to know what you think.

On the one hand, having a directly elected mayor could create in one individual a powerful "voice for Cornwall" and it could strengthen the accountability to local people in a more direct way.

On the other side of the argument, the idea of a single individual representing the whole of Cornwall unsettles some of our Cornish sensibilities. Can our historic "one and all" culture be represented in a "one for all" system of democratic accountability?

I hope that you will share your own thoughts with me on this and other issues in the below short survey.

Kind Regards,

George Eustice MP

Rt Hon George Eustice MP



Cornwall's Devolution Deal

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Some say that a directly elected Cornwall Mayor would be more accountable and become a stronger voice for Cornwall Council while others say that a single mayor cannot represent the whole of Cornwall. What is your view?
A) I think a Mayor would be more accountable to voters and be a stronger voice for Cornwall.
B) I do not think a single elected individual can represent the whole of Cornwall
Under new devolution powers to Cornwall, which 2 or 3 of these areas would you most like to see Cornwall have more power and control?
A) Cornish culture and language
B) The NHS and health services
C) Transport and roads funding
D) Powers to raise Council tax for second home owners
E) New powers to tackle local issues like remediation of mining works and the environment
Thinking about your local GP surgery, have you encountered difficulty securing a doctors appointment in the last twelve months?
Thinking about the impact of rising energy bills and inflation on your household budget, on a scale of 1 to 10 how concerned are you about your ability to pay bills this winter where 1 is not concerned and 10 is very concerned?
Not Concerned
Very Concerned