George attends local voluntary sector meeting

George recently attended a roundtable meeting with representatives from voluntary sector organisations in Cornwall. The meeting was a great way to bring together MPs and voluntary sector organisations from across Cornwall to talk about a variety of matters from loneliness, to future funding arrangements for Cornwall, and looking at Social Action Projects. At the meeting the group discussed some of the challenges that are present in Cornwall especially when it comes to transport and the importance of the charity and voluntary sector to help address need, especially when it comes to early interventions on issues like mental health. 

George said, "Meetings like this are often really helpful because it brings everyone together and allows us to discuss the challenges that we face here in Cornwall. It was good to hear the many different views of those present as well as about the work that is currently being undertaken to support those who need it most.

There are a number of charities and voluntary organisations that do a tremendous amount of work right across Cornwall providing the support needed. A great example is the Invictus Trust, a small charity which aims to support and offer services to local teenagers who are suffering from mental health problems and associated issues."