George Eustice welcomes new employment figures

George Eustice has welcomed figures released by the ONS showing that more people are in work than ever before. Unemployment is at its lowest level since 1975. Over 3 million more people are now in work since 2010.

Here in Camborne and Redruth, the number of unemployed claimants is below the UK average and it has nearly halved since 2010 (from 3.8% of the economically active population to 2.2%).

George Eustice said “This is very good news. Locally, we have much to celebrate. However, there is more to do and we must strive to continue improving the support we offer to local people to help them back into work. As we continue to attract new industries and skilled jobs to Cornwall, it is vital that we continue to develop skills so that young people can take advantage of the new opportunities being created. As new companies arrive I want to see them become successful and profitable enough to offer higher wages so that we encourage people to take work and stay in work”.