Government announces new funding to preserve Cornish language, culture and heritage

George Eustice, MP for Camborne, Redruth and Hayle, has today welcomed news from the Communities Minister, Lord Bourne, that new funding will be introduced to support culture and language projects. 

Cornwall has always been unique.  We have a strong identity and our own language and culture. Many of us consider ourselves Cornish before English and in recent years we have seen a renewed interest in learning the Cornish language. In recent weeks and months, George has had a number of discussions with Lord Bourne about the future of Cornish language, culture and heritage, and the Government's announcement is testament to the unique identity of Cornwall.

In recognition of Cornish culture’s unique place in our nation, the funding will help deliver Cornish language education for adults and young people, tackle barriers to education around the traditions and heritage of Cornwall, and provide media and technology opportunities for learners and speakers of Cornish. The total levels of funding are as follows £200,000 financial support for 2019/20, to fund a range of Cornish language projects (£150k) and Cornish culture (£50k). Broken down this funding equates to:

  • £150k to Cornish language programme
  • £25k to Tackling Education Barriers
  • £10k to the Cornwall Culture Distinctiveness project
  • £10k to the Ordinalia Nessa work
  • £5k to the Gorsedh Youth Festival

George said, "I am very pleased to see that Communities Minister, Lord Bourne, has announced a new fund to support culture and language projects in Cornwall. I have discussed this with him over recent months and am pleased at the progress that has been made. Cornwall has a unique cultural heritage that we are all proud of and that is why I have campaigned for support for such projects."


You can read more information about the new funding at: