Protecting Cornwall's Marine Environment

Last weekend George took part in a beach clean at Godrevy Beach in partnership with the Marine Conservation Society. For several years, George has taken part in the Marine Conservation Society’s Great British Beach Clean which brings together volunteers from across the country to clean up litter and record the findings. At the event George was joined by many people who wanted to make a difference to their local environment.

Whilst taking part in the beach clean, George found a number of different types of litter as well as of course different types of plastic. Plastic has always been a particular concern; it takes hundreds of years to break down and has been the subject of high profile debate recently.  The problem is compounded year after year as new plastics find their way into the oceans while those that have already been there for decades remain and break down into smaller particles.

George said, "Tackling the problem of litter and plastics on our beaches is a huge task ahead of us. We all know the problems that litter can cause for our marine environment, and it is important that we continue to reduce our impact on the environment. That is why beach cleans like those organised by the Marine Conservation Society are important, for they bring volunteers together and help clean up our beaches. It was great to be joined by a large number of volunteers on the weekend and I hope that in future years to come, the problem of plastic and litter on our beaches will become a problem of the past."