Carnegie Wave Hub Project

Last week, George attended the launch of Carnegie Wave Energy’s 15MW CETO Wave Hub project. Carnegie Wave Energy is a leading wave energy developer from Australia. It has been awarded a grant to support the first phase of its £60m commercial wave energy project at Wave Hub. It is the only company in the world to have operated a grid-connected wave energy project over four seasons.

Phase 1 of the 15MW Project consists of the design, construction, installation and operation of a single 1MW grid-connected CETO 6 wave energy converter device, adapted to local conditions and industrialised for large scale commercial deployment at the Wave Hub test site. The Project will commence immediately, with commissioning in 2018, followed by 12 months of operations.

George was briefed on the 15MW project, and the comprehensive offering Cornwall and the UK provides for wave energy. Phase 2, planned for 2020/21, will deliver a subsequent 15MW commercial array at the same site, offering a commercial return on investment.

Cornwall Council also announced this week that it has concluded negotiations with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) on the transfer of Wave Hub, along with £14 million of funding and the creation of a low carbon Enterprise Zone in Hayle and Falmouth during 2017. Combined, these are designed to put Cornwall at the heart of the emerging Marine Renewables sector.