Improving our Roads

The Government has announced further capital funding that will go to local councils in 2017/18 to improve the productivity of our local roads. George Eustice has welcomed news that road users will benefit from a dedicated pothole fund. This is part of a £1.2 billion fund for local roads, which will be allocated to councils to repair and rebuild our transport links.

This funding includes money from the new National Productivity Investment Fund, announced in the 2016 Autumn Statement and the Pothole Action Fund. It also includes £75 million which councils can bid for to repair and maintain local infrastructure such as bridges, street lighting and rural roads.  

Allocations in the South West will allow for 235,000 potholes to be fixed, or prevented from forming in the first place. In Cornwall, the Pothole Action Fund will be £1,847,000. This demonstrates a clear commitment to investing in our infrastructure.

These funds are in addition to money that will go to local highway authorities for highways maintenance in 2017/18.