Marine Hub Cornwall

Today, George Eustice MP announced the launch of Marine Hub Cornwall during a keynote address at Renewable UK’s Wave & Tidal Conference.

Marine Hub Cornwall brings together world class assets with existing and planned programmes of activity to provide a seamless co-ordinated offer to the marine renewable energy sector.  A collection of physical sites in the region and a thriving local supply chain provide the best infrastructure for marine renewable technology in the UK. Alongside the new Marine–i research programme, Marine Hub Cornwall will enable the region to be a global leader for research, technology development and expertise, and the location of choice for businesses engaged in the development, deployment and operation of marine renewable technologies. 

Cornwall is already recognised as providing marine renewable developers a unique prospect within which they can test technology from prototype to fully operational systems. The waters off Cornwall’s south coast provides optimal conditions for early-stage trials at FaB Test, while Wave Hub, the world’s largest and most technologically advanced demonstration site allows for more advanced testing. Wave Hub boasts one of the best wave resources in Europe. Combined with Cornwall’s reputable supply chain, the partnership will provide developers with an all-encompassing environment for developments in the field. 

George Eustice said: “Marine Hub Cornwall is a really exciting project, and highlights a long term commitment to the marine renewable energy sector. With world class assets such as Wave Hub, Marine Hub Cornwall will continue to secure Cornwall’s place as an international centre of excellence in the renewable energy technologies of the future. This, in turn, will secure the UK’s reputation as a market leader in offshore renewables”.