New Information Line Opens at Redruth Job Centre

George visited the new call centre at Redruth which operates an information line for job centres across the South West.

Redruth is the only site in the country where a satellite call centre has been established offering information on jobs and benefits to callers from across the country.

Falling unemployment levels have meant there is less demand for local job advisers working for the Job Centre.  However, local manager, Maggie Beard, was successful in securing the Redruth office as a call centre so that 14 local experienced case officers could offer advice over the phone to callers with enquiries throughout the country.

George said, "It is a great success story that this information line has been established at the Job Centre in Redruth which has kept skilled jobs in the local vicinity.  Many of those working in this new call centre have a great deal of experience working with people trying to find work and this makes them very well qualified to offer advice nationally through the call centre.  I am so pleased that this important work is being delivered in Redruth."