Dangerous Dogs.

George Eustice MP appeared on Radio 4's Today programme to highlight the growing problem of dangerous, or 'status' dogs, and the action needed.

Treleigh Primary School Visit

George Eustice MP visited Treleigh Community Primary School for a question and answer session followed by handing out awards at assembly.

In Parliament

George Eustice MP spoke on the future redefined relationship between Britain and the EU.

Newsnight Interview

George Eustice debates the future of Europe with former Belgian Prime Minister. 

Bee Cause.

George Eustice MP joins calls for a National Bee Action Plan.

Westminster Hall Debate

George Eustice MP presented a Westminster Hall Debate on Party Political Broadcasts.

In Parliament

George Eustice MP questioned the Secretary of State for Defence over the interoperability of French and British armed forces on Monday.

In Parliament

George Eustice MP questioned Fisheries Minister, Richard Benyon during his statement following the recent EU Fisheries negotiations...